We are your dedicated and experienced Australian Apparel Manufacturer.  We share our experience and knowledge offering brands and businessEs a range of Ethical & Sustainable solutions and services in the fashion and apparel industry.  

Our purpose is to work with brands, business’s and people to help re-educate the consumer and promote respect and value for what you wear today rather than a dollar value.  With this sole purpose we hope to protect the future of our planet and end the trend of fast fashion.

Head Office is established in the emerging Eco Fashion mecca of Byron Bay, here we are surrounded by nature’s best whilst having direct access to like minded designers, pattern makers, machinists, printers and eco-warriors!  Coming from the factory floor in Sydney, Australia, Green Square Apparel offers all clients local and personal manufacturing and printing services along the East Coast of Australia.  We aim to provide client’s local and transparent supply chain solutions, where you can learn and be involved in the process enhancing the true value of the finished product.

Our mission together, is to re-educate the consumer, helping them respect and value a garment much differently than dollar value.  To do this Green Square Apparel will work transparently with like minded brands, business, organisations and people with the intent of greater awareness to the value of what you wear today.  Quality over Quantity.


I am passionate about the time, effort, skill and resources that is required to make what we wear today.  From the hand picking of an organic cotton crop under the hot sun, to the hand behind a sewing machine in a dark factory, there are so many important humble people and natural resources involved.  I feel a garment has lost its true value which now results in poor quality, exploited working conditions and the biggest concern mass waste and landfill.  I endevour to bring value back to what we wear today through transparency, education and enhancing a group of brands, professionals, suppliers and individuals to #getsquared and work together in order to protect the future of our Planet.

Having worked alongside the people on various manufacturing factory floors and fabric mills for over 8 years I got the opportunity to know, love and respect the skill and process as a pure art-form.  The laying of fabric is meditative whilst the cutting brings life to the beginning of the production process, garment construction and analyse takes time and energy to ensure the garment and fabric will behave to its best ability.  There is so many different factors that provide the consumer with the finished product which needs to be valued and understood in order to put some perspective back into the consumers behavior.

I have experience in the fast fashion industry where I took the opportunity to observe the nature of the garment life cycle.  I found this cycle incredibly insulting to all people from designer to consumer and at the cost to our beautiful planet.  This makes no sense to me!!!!  Therefore I started Green Square Apparel, a place I can ensure my work is life enhancing and most importantly can be shared with you for the greater good of the planet.