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Give it up for the Sweatshop Girls!

Green Square Apparel abolishes all previous perception of the dark, dirty underpaid sweatshop.  Our sweatshop girls are spunk’s! They work in clean environments, in a room with bright walls, filled with laugher, music and fittingly enough, a beautiful fiddle leaf tree...

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Organic & Local Supply

Whether it be organic food, hand made crafts or locally manufactured garments we are providing the people of East Coast of Australia the opportunity to make a difference.  We are encouraging you to make a choice upon purchase which will result in enhancing community spirit, improving interpersonal relationships, providing local jobs and improving our environmental impact...

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Alterate 1

A garment is a form of Art.  It’s expressive, creative, uses multiple mediums and each peice is unique.  This is what we love about Fashion. It’s fun, innovative, diverse and there is limited restrictions in what we can create. A garment is Art...

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