Organic & Local Supply

‘Strawberries, Raspberries... Fresh from the Farm’ ... shouts a local farmer strolling the streets of Byron Bay with a box full of juicy goodness on his shoulder.   

This is community and this gives me a warm fussy feeling in my stomach which inspires me.

Whether it be organic food, hand made crafts or locally manufactured garments we are providing the people of East Coast of Australia the opportunity to make a difference.  We are encouraging you to make a choice upon purchase which will result in enhancing community spirit, improving interpersonal relationships, providing local jobs and improving our environmental impact.

We want to share and communicate the skills of local people such as cutting fabric, pattern making, sewing the seams, trimming threads, shooting screens, screenprinting and finishing the garment.  We want you to learn the process in order to value the creators behind the brands and their product.  We want you to help make change and distrupt the fashion industry in order to promote nothing but good business, love and the very best garments. #getsquared



 Let’s do it together, craftmanship.  

Let’s do it together, craftmanship.