Quality Organic Cotton Blank Apparel

Using blank apparel for your brand is not cheating, it’s a smart and savvy way to keep momentum up, skip long lead times and produce smaller quantities.  It’s a fantastic way to showcase your branding and different artworks via screenprint or digital printing methods.

Green Square Apparel provides customers the opportunity to select from the very best Organic Cotton, Bamboo, Hemp or Recycled polyester blanks.  These garments come in a variety of colours, compositions, cuts and sizes.  We can relabel them, attach trims and screen print to your requirements.  Test your customer base and see what works! 

Use ethical and sustainable blanks to rock the socks off your customers.  Keep your brand circulating loud and proud in the very best!  Soft, comfy and durable tee shirts that we love to live in.  Xo


Green Square Apparel Organic Blanks Stella Stanley.jpg