Give it up for the Sweatshop Girls!

Green Square Apparel abolishes all previous perception of the dark, dirty underpaid sweatshop.  Our sweatshop girls are spunk’s! They work in clean environments, in a room with bright walls, filled with laugher, music and fittingly enough, a beautiful fiddle leaf tree.  The only sweat that breaks is purely for the love of it, a lunchtime F45 class or the weather conditions of a typical summer in Byron Bay.

Green Square Apparel’s factory works together to sew and create beautiful garments with our hands.  Combining the finest natural and sustainable textiles/fabrics and our trusty sewing machines we get the job done.  Your customer when purchasing your brand is investing in much more than a garment, they are investing in a community.  Brand yourself to be a business for the greater good.  This is our future.

Combining a group of experienced girls full of love and passion for sewing, you can expect to receive garments that will last forever.  We can also gaurantee the garment already has established a very active social life!

 Sweatshop Girls, Byron Bay.  

Sweatshop Girls, Byron Bay.  

Get your brand squared with Green Square Apparel and give it up for our sweatshops girls. 💁🏻