The love for the Perfect Staple T-Shirt.

How many times have you chatted with friends about what you wish you could find in the shops?  Simple designs, kids clothes, organic cotton, hemp, clean screen prints and simple embroidery or motif? 

Or what about that fav tee? ‘Great cut, perfectly fitted, soft and luxurious’.  The tee that becomes a clear staple in your closet across multiple colours.  The staple t-shirt is your everyday go to, gets worn over and over again, softens with age, inherits your scent and makes you feel good no matter how your body is feeling.

These ideas and business chats can go on for hours and spread across years about what ‘we would do’, they are fun, creative and it’s  designing something that becomes our own personal expression.  We wear clothes to express ourselves.  Imagine wearing a rockin’ garment created by YOU.  A garment which also serves purpose behind the scenes in serving small business, a community and respecting craftsmanship and the planet.  Now that’s a sassy, sustainable expression!

Get creative, screenprint your logo or some artwork on it and share it with your friends, the markets and online.  Bring your community together and express yourself to them!  These connections give us a sense of belonging and purpose whilst giving the world the opportunity to taste your individual expression through Australian Made fashion.

It’s fun and it’s achievable whether it’s for your own brand, a group, band merchandise, non-for profit or business, Green Square Apparel can get you squared with the best products, practices and service.

 ‘Let’s create a brand together’....  

‘Let’s create a brand together’....