Collaborate, Connect & Create.

Let’s talk shop!  Fabric, sewing, print techniques, possibilities and challenges.  Sustainability, Fashion Revolution, certifications, labels, E-comm, B2B... this list goes on.  Time to grab a coffee and let’s connect.  

Connect with your supply chain, customers and community.  Be observant, friendly and open.  Opportunities will present themselves, collaborations will arise and your brand will already be organically walking it’s natural path of growth.  Growth for Greater Good.  

Brands and business are moving towards a new economy, a more inclusive and social economy.  And consumers are increasingly more willing to support a business that has a positive impact on the world and will pay higher prices to support their beliefs.  

Together we all need to collaborate, connect and create in order to tackle the global environmental and ethical issues we have created.  

It’s challenging, it’s fun and there is a great bunch of like minded people out there ready to meet you!  Whether it’s for band merchandise, corporate uniforms, fundraisers or fashion brands we all have the ability to generate change. #getsquared

  Collaboration and Connections inspire Creation.

 Collaboration and Connections inspire Creation.