It doesn’t have to be done the same way. Innovate.

We can do business differently, we can provide products differently and we can make a positive social impact.  

Isn’t that in itself exciting? We are in the midst of global change where innovators and social entrepreneurs are called upon to create hybrid business models which value social impact greater than traditional profit margins.  The old business structure and formulas can be scrapped and we have an open arena to create the best for our business and our future.  This is fun, this is challenging and we all have the ability to be apart of the process!  We have the ability to change lives for the better through business!

Consumers have a huge part to play in driving change, we can demand from brands ethical practices, sustainable products, regenerative fabrics and slow fashion.  It’s time for us to put the pressure on them after decades of marketing propaganda has been ingrained in us.  Let’s change that old business model too!

Get to know where your clothes were made, where the fabric is knitted, the miles it has traveled to be sewed.  What chemicals was it dyed with or plastic particles it has been printed with?  Who's hands made the garments?  and ensure these hands have been treated fairly.  It’s time to add the pressure back and kick-start innovation towards a better future whether you're a consumer, a brand or a business across any industry.

Green Square Apparel Byron