Green Square Apparel specialises in offering customers a range of quality natural fabrics which have been specificity sourced from Australia and around the World.   We specialise in natural fabrics and textiles due to their beneficial qualities.  Not only are they much more enjoyable against your skin or in your home, these fabrics have the lowest impact on the planet.  

We specialise in fabrics such as Organic Cotton, Hemp, Silk, Bamboo, Lotus, Linen and Merino Wool.   These fabrics radiate luxury to the consumer with their feel, drape and ability to breathe softness.  Green Square Apparel specifically source fabrics which are chemical free, do not require heavy manufacturing, are synthetic and plastic free therefore have much greater decomposing qualities. 

Green Square Apparel offer all fabric services such as yardage printing, custom dying fabric and full roll ordering services at highly competitive prices.  We can ship throughout Australia and Internationally.




Hemp has a positive environmental influence whilst be light, natural, soft and comfortable to wear. Hemp is a super fibre, it grows at a rapid rate requiring less water (1% of what cotton requires) and is naturally insect and fungus resistance therefore no pesticides or chemicals are required or used.   

Hemp can grow almost anywhere in the world, though is still illegal in many countries where it is still affiliated with drug use and/or where the cotton industry is at large.  Changing the mindset and reviving hemp as its natural form will influence consumers on how good this fibre is for us and the planet. 

Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton is by far one of the most popular fabrics is today’s society.  Soft, light, breathable and pesticide free makes Organic Cotton the fabric of choice for the people and the planet.  Australia no longer has any Organic Cotton farms therefore all cotton is hand-picked in India and spun into a yarn state prior to purchase from the mills.  Our Australian mills buy the yarn to be knitted here in Melbourne and supplied to the country.   

Organic Cotton jersey is everyone’s favourite; it’s clean, comfortable, breathable, and available in various weights and colours.  It is a natural fibre which moves, plays and dances! It is printable, washable and durable which makes Organic Cotton the perfect everyday choice.

Merino Wool

Merino Wool is grown and knitted here in Australia.  The fabric is breathable, odour resistant and has excellent thermal qualities for hot and cold climates.  More importantly it looks fabulous; it wears well, has a beautiful natural drape and is durable.  Merino Wool garments are the garments in your wardrobe you will share a lifetime with.

Lotus, Silk & Banana Innovation

The most Spiritual Fabric in the World, hand woven in Cambodia, this soft, light weight fabric is especially breathable, wrinkle resistance and has a soft touch.  A variety of fabrics are available whether it is 100% Lotus or blends of banana fibre or silk.  

These fabrics have come back to life re-igniting ancient skills in remote villages across Cambodia which involves harvesting, spinning and weaving of flowerless Lotus stems.  The time, effort and respect for this luxury fabric are reflected in its higher price point.

The fabric technology and innovation is currently on a massive transformation which is really exciting for fashion and the planet, we are constantly on R&D trips to ensure we are offering our customers the best sustainable and luxurious fabrics available in the world.