To screenprint or digital print?

 That is the most common question.  Little do people know there are many more screenprinting options to consider as well!   Manual, auto, use of base coat, discharge print, waterbase print etc. just to name a few.

Printing can be overwhelming so we narrow it down for you, we check out your artwork and analyse your brand, event or business and advise you the best method of print which will be most cost effective for your production.

Screen-print in generally the cheaper option and usually the most effective for 1 -3 colour prints.  There is auto carousels which can pump out thousands of tee’s a day or manual application which allows each tee to be slightly unique.  Dark and coloured garments will always require a base coat which guarantee’s print vibrancy.  Another popular method is discharge printing, this is when the ink is injected into the fabric leaving the finished product lights soft and a more vintage effect.  No base required!

Green Square Apparel prefers to use and recommends water based inks, these inks are soft, vibrant and much better for the planet and the consumers skin.  For screen print we reference solid coated pantone colours which are matched by the operator after films are shot onto screen.

Digital printing continues to gain momentum in the printing market with the machines consistently improving.  Digital printing benefits artwork such as photo’s, fine details, multi colourways and also uses a water based ink.  Digital print reads the artwork directly from a computer file in CMYK colour format.

Shoot us your artwork in a pdf. or ai. File, minimum 300dpi and we will advise the best print technique for you!